Artist Statement

My name is Meghan Auer,

I am currently a student at San Jose State University, with the Animation/Illustration department. When I first started at San Jose State, I had intended on moving forward with visual development in Environment and Layout design, though that had changed after one class of modeling. I deeply enjoy modeling, due to the fact that it feels like I am physically creating a character or object. It may seem a bit corny, but I really feel that way and I believe that every artist has a sense of being a creator of their pieces. I only have been modeling for about three years now and there is so much more to learn. I have been involved with short films within the department that have the feature of cg elements converted into 2D.Also I have been working with the UCSC Game Designers Program, creating a new game and I can't wait for it to be finished! Only a few more days before I graduate, and I only can look forward to the future and what more I can learn from the ever changing technology of the Film and Game Industry.