Film Assets

Office Side Project

The graduating BFA class was assigned to do a short film,(which is still in process) and a means of production I created a 3D layout for the film team to work with. Also there was the concept of doing the environment digitally while we animated traditionally so I did a toon shader test to see how the concept would look. This idea of having a 3D set did not go through but it still is an interesting concept.

Film 3D Assets

Edith and the Bear
Directed by Hillary Bradfield

Modeler/Texture Artist and Compositer

I was able to work with Vis Dev and animators most during this film. When it came to figuring out animating in perspective we would use the 3D models such as the Record player.Skateboard, Building blocks and even a minor drawer. Some of the models came to be due to pure necessity on completing the shot efficiently. This was another film that was under tight time constrictions and man power. This a purely student based film and I believe it was a success! Learn a lot from managing things mostly on my own and working with the leads of the project.

Knock On My Door
Directed by David Chai

Modeler and Texture Artist

This film was a BEAST, the team only had 40 days to complete an 8 minute film. Despite that, the project itself was exciting and very challenging. After working on the Green Ninja short film in the Spring of 2012,
I was pushed to experiment more with converting 3D into 2D. 
The process itself involved working with Visual Developers of the team as well as the animators. I was grateful enough to work with Eunsoo Jeong, and Vlad Kulchitskiy on the modeled assets. Eunsoo was able to model out a few of the assets that were needed in the animated segments, and Vlad was also able to help with animating the car. 
This project was a handful when it came to actually creating an environment that was similar in style to the rest of the film, but also read as flat. When I worked on creating the country scene and the city scene, it only opened my eyes to greater possibilities in the future. So much more to learn!

^Click Me^

Green Ninja: For Goodness Rake
Directed by Emily Chen

Modeler and Texture Artist

Green Ninja was the first animated film that I worked on that dealt with CG assets that were rendered to look 2D. The main purpose of the project was meant for educational purposes. The short is about a Green Ninja, who is trying to show the world that being "green" is healthy and also more reliable.
It was a fun experience working on this film because this was the first for me to be modeling out on such a project. I also had worked more with animation in 3D, which helped me later with working with animators on the Knock On My Door film that occurred later on in the summer.
I worked with Vincent Balmori when it came to the effects in the film, I modeled out leaves for him to animate and put into the film as a cycle that conveyed the build up of the leaf blowers terrifying tornado and wind storm.I also was able to work with Anthony Persutto and Jason Wong when it came to animating the car as well as compositing the car with 2D characters.

Bloody Mary Game Project
This was a student project where we were creating a 3 level game based off the idea of Bloody Mary. The setting of this game is Romania and you as a player was part of the a gypsie camp. The premise of the game was based on the idea that your daughter was taken away by Mary and you have to go into the mirror world to get her back. I was assigned to model out a side character who unfortunately meets his fate in the beginning.

Steam Punk Character Design Project

In my Advanced Modeling class, we were given the option to design out our character or choose from a piece of concept art. Since I wanted to be challenged, I had designed out my own character. Like many I am a fan of Steampunk, I guess it comes from the attraction to detail in the design of clothing of characters that makes it interesting.
This is my character Jillian McAllister, I was working on portraying her quite feminine in her physique and very oriented towards detail. The one thing that I found very challenging of this project, was the fact of how many buckles I had placed on her. I never thought about tying a character's shoes in 3D, that's for sure. 
Despite the challenges of working with Maya n-Cloth and Maya Hair, I found this project to be rather enjoyable, and in the future, she will be colored as well!