Game Assets

Tremble Game Project (U.C.S.C)
This is a Student Game Project lead by U.C.S.C. Game Developers Masters Program. My B.F.A. class at San Jose State was asked to do the art assets for the game, Tremble. Other people part of the class were separated into two other game groups. 
Tremble is a game about two siblings,who have to find their way home. Sophie the oldest has to lead her brother Ollie, home while they face mysterious dangers in the woods at night.
Character was designed by Hong-Ly Nguyen and I modeled and textured the character based off of its design as well as the painting style. All lights are painted into the textures to give it a flat look because the characters are the only 3d objects in this 2D environment(In game shots, soon to come!)

Houdini Game Project

I worked with a Visual Developer, Maritza Silvas in creating the character of the Evil Houdini.In my BFA class, we were assigned to design an Indie Game by Jeff Singali and  Della Longfish. The point of the assignment was to branch away from our general Film base art style. 
There is still so much more to do with this project, that includes working out the environment as well as making the character more appealing and closer to the 2D design from the illustrator.

Machinarium Game Project
Character designed by Amanita Design

As a mini project for the Modeling BFA class, we were challenged to create a 2D character into a 3D model and be within the confines of a 500 tri limit.Interestingly enough despite the character being simple in shape language it was a challenging to be within the confines of a game asset as well as still have the charm of the character.